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Tanya and Kevin have a marriage and creative partnership born of like minded passion for nature, the oceans, wildlife and the exotic cultures that reside at civilizations edge. Their common challenge is the delicate dance involved in revealing new windows to these beautiful and unusual realms through their work.

Since joining forces in 2000, they have collaborated on many published magazine covers, dozens of articles and organized yearly dive photo expeditions for small groups of enthusiastic clients. Most recently, their combined talents have been focused on a unique and evolving range of limited edition fine art giclees that have been warmly received in a number South Florida galleries and venues. 


 Has 30 years of experience in every aspect of diving and photography - often in the most remote locations. Since majoring in dive management and photography at Barry University, she has led tours and traveled solo to areas around the globe. Tanya's published work, has appeared in National Geographic Kid's, Dive Training, Sport Diver, Scuba Diving, Fathoms, Caribbean Travel and Life, Undersea Journal, South Florida Times, Islands Magazine, several books, newspapers, ads and international stock agencies. As an accomplished topside and underwater talent, Tanya has been known to climb mountains, share water with hundreds of sharks and don face paint with a New Guinea warrior. With an unbridled enthusiasm for travel and a natural gift for languages, she readily transcends the typical cultural boundaries that challenge exotic location photography. Also view her new line of ocean inspired jewels at CALYPSO SEA

NAUTICAM :: feature photographer
Women Diver Hall of Fame 2019 Inductee


Has been a diver for over 30 years, photographer for over 25 and a writer by very nature. His work has won international awards, appears regularly in numerous publications and has been featured in several years of calendars distributed internationally. He currently photographs and authors travel articles for selected magazines – when ever possible with his wife Tanya. Often doing whatever it takes to get to a location. Kevin has bartered passage, fled tribal wars, survived boat sinkings and lost many cameras to rivers, oceans and thieves. With pastimes ranging from spelunking to surfing, and piloting anything from snow boards to ultra-light planes, he'll try almost anything in search of interesting adventures.